Is Laser Hair Removal for the Face Safe?

Primarily laser hair removal in Toronto is viewed as a body hair removal treatment for women and their legs. While laser treatments are an effective hair removal solution for the legs, it is also safe for other areas of the body, including laser hair removal for the face

Laser Hair Removal Technology

At Toronto Laser Hair Removal, we provide high-quality and safe treatments. 

Toronto laser hair removal for faceOur laser technology, the Lumenis Light Sheer Duet & the GentleMax Pro which are used during laser hair removal for the face, is both Health Canada and FDA approved. To ensure laser hair removal is successful and our clients receive the best results, laser hair removal in our Toronto clinic is always done by a trained specialist. 

  • The Lumenis Light Sheer Duet machine has two changeable heads that allow us to carefully and skillfully offer laser hair removal for the face targeting everything from sideburns and eyebrows to beards and upper lip. Because the face is more sensitive than other treatment areas, the Lumenis Light Sheer Duet is equipped with a chill tip that helps cool the skin for a more comfortable experience during laser hair removal for the face. 
  • The GentleMax Pro is designed for skillful and detailed laser hair removal treatments. With the ability to treat areas as small as 1.5mm and 24.mm, the GentleMax Pro is perfect for beard grooming and overall laser hair removal for the face. Following laser treatments, many customers also notice improved skin pigmentation.

Consultations with Toronto Laser Hair Removal

If you have concerns or questions about laser hair removal in Toronto, our team of laser experts are here to help. Book a consultation with one of our specialists to discuss your concerns and answer all your pressing questions. With the right prep and aftercare, you can ensure the best laser hair removal results.

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What Our Clients Say

Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

Im not often write reviews especially good one. At this place where staff always friendly, also want to note every time my procedure begin at appointed time with no delays!! In my opinion Laser for hair removal is the best thing that women have come up with, this is a great discovery for me, and I want to thank Katerine. She will not miss a single place, Katerina knows her job and will do everything as it should. Thank you

Irina Pan

Laser Hair Removal

OMG!!!!! I cannot believe that laser hair removal can be sooooo easy and painless. This is the best clinic I've been in. The service is outstanding; everything is on time (not like in others where you come to your appointment, and they make you wait. The girls are very friendly, and always happy to see their customers. If you have any concerns or issues, they are quick to respond with the best solution in your situation. Cannot wait until my next appointment. I recommend this clinic to ALL.

Elena Pereyaslova

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Amazing service! I've been to a few laser hair removal clinics over the years, but this one is definitely the best. Their staff is very professional and friendly, but more importantly, they really know what they are doing. The woman who treated me made sure to zap every inch of the area that I wanted to have hairless (my back, shoulders, and neck) and she was very careful with my neckline to make it looks perfect and natural. The process was painless, and I can tell that the results will really last. I would very highly recommend this clinic for laser hair removal or any type of beauty treatment for men and women.

Mark Soer

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