How Long Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Last?

Over the years, Brazilian laser hair removal has become a popular hair removal method for both women and men due to its safety and outstanding benefits. It’s not only loved by many but has revolutionized how people remove hair from their most intimate areas. With cost-effective laser hair removal prices, permanently removing pubic hair has never been easier.

How Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Work?

Brazilian laser hair removalBrazilian laser hair removal only targets hair follicles that are in their active growth phase. Although, some hair will remain in the growth phase, meaning multiple treatments are needed to achieve optimal results. Each session is typically 20 to 60 minutes, with 5-7 treatments required and 1-4 touch-up sessions a year for long-lasting results. Treatment results last depending on each client and their frequency of visits to the clinic. It can also depend on the thickness of your hair and hormone levels. With scheduled appointments with your laser technician, permanent hair removal is more effective.

At Toronto Laser Hair Removal, our professional medical team uses state-of-the-art laser equipment that successfully removes hair from all areas of the pubic region, imposing minimal pain or discomfort. 

Schedule a consultation at our trusted laser hair clinic in Toronto for exceptional laser hair removal prices.

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What Our Clients Say

Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

Im not often write reviews especially good one. At this place where staff always friendly, also want to note every time my procedure begin at appointed time with no delays!! In my opinion Laser for hair removal is the best thing that women have come up with, this is a great discovery for me, and I want to thank Katerine. She will not miss a single place, Katerina knows her job and will do everything as it should. Thank you

Irina Pan

Laser Hair Removal

OMG!!!!! I cannot believe that laser hair removal can be sooooo easy and painless. This is the best clinic I've been in. The service is outstanding; everything is on time (not like in others where you come to your appointment, and they make you wait. The girls are very friendly, and always happy to see their customers. If you have any concerns or issues, they are quick to respond with the best solution in your situation. Cannot wait until my next appointment. I recommend this clinic to ALL.

Elena Pereyaslova

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Amazing service! I've been to a few laser hair removal clinics over the years, but this one is definitely the best. Their staff is very professional and friendly, but more importantly, they really know what they are doing. The woman who treated me made sure to zap every inch of the area that I wanted to have hairless (my back, shoulders, and neck) and she was very careful with my neckline to make it looks perfect and natural. The process was painless, and I can tell that the results will really last. I would very highly recommend this clinic for laser hair removal or any type of beauty treatment for men and women.

Mark Soer

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