What to Expect from Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Posted on 04 October 2022

Brazilian laser hair removal

Brazilian laser hair removal is becoming the preferred method of hair removal among more and more women across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. The permanent effects, virtually painless procedure, and knowledgeable staff make visiting a laser hair removal clinic in Toronto convenient and efficient. To know more and what to expect during a session, schedule a consultation at Toronto Laser Hair Removal. Our trusted specialists will guide you through every step to ensure you have the best treatment for your needs.

Here is what you can expect from Brazilian laser hair removal at our clinic in Toronto.

Knowledgeable Staff

At Toronto Laser Hair Removal, our staff undergo extensive training. We're always learning new technologies and procedures to ensure the best laser hair removal results and treatment. Our specialists will help you achieve your desired results, regardless of hair and skin type. Before you begin laser hair removal, schedule a consultation at a Toronto laser hair removal clinic to ensure it's the best treatment option for you.

Minimal Pain and Discomfort

Compared to waxing and shaving, you can expect that laser hair removal has minimal pain. While there may be some minor pain and discomfort during the session, it's only temporary. Most people say that laser hair removal feels similar to a slight pinch. If you have sensitive skin, our staff will minimize the pain further by applying cooling gel and numbing cream. That way, it's easier to manage any irritation that may arise.

High-End Laser Technology

Brazilian laser hair removal requires advanced technology, and you'll get the best and newest technology at Toronto Laser Hair Removal. All the technology we use at Toronto Laser Hair Removal is Health Canada and FDA approved, so we're able to guarantee that your experience will be safe, comfortable, and satisfactory.


Brazilian laser hair removal from Toronto Laser Hair Removal is minimally invasive, virtually painless, and after enough sessions, it's permanent. For permanent results, it will take up to seven treatment sessions for the desired area. However, if the hair is thinner, it may be more difficult for the laser to target the hair follicle, ultimately requiring more sessions. 

How Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal is relatively straightforward. The laser beam is absorbed into the skin, which converts to heat. Then, the heat absorbs the hair follicle, which disables it and prevents further growth. The reason it requires numerous sessions, though, is that the laser is unable to target every single hair follicle at once. After each session, you will notice less hair and growth in the treatment area. 

What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal

After your first laser hair removal experience, you may notice minor temporary discomfort and irritation. To keep it at a minimum, it's essential to keep the treated area out of sunlight, avoid irritants like retinoids, and wear loose and flowing clothing. Avoid exercise, saunas, or hot baths for the few days following your session. While it may be tempting, it will keep any possible irritation at a minimum. For men seeking similar Manzilian services, you can count on our leading laser clinic for laser hair removal for men.

To determine if Brazilian laser hair removal is best for you, schedule a consultation with the specialists at Toronto Laser Hair Removal.

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