What Men Can Expect from Laser Hair Removal Services

Posted on 22 November 2022

What Men Can Expect from Laser Hair Removal Services

The taboo subject that men don’t remove hair is long gone, and more and more men are scheduling laser hair removal services in Toronto. After years of trial and error hair removal methods and costly bills from hair removal products or services, it’s expected that you want an alternative approach to removing your unwanted facial or body hair. Laser hair removal for men can bring an end to daily shaving and grooming.  At Toronto Laser Hair Removal, we offer gentle yet effective laser hair removal, so you can achieve long-lasting and cost-effective results. 

Here’s what men can expect from laser hair removal services. 


Before scheduling laser hair removal services, it’s important to know the necessary steps to enhance results. Ahead of your first session, you can schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable laser hair removal team at Toronto Laser Hair Removal.

Stay Out of The Sun For 2-4 Weeks: It’s crucial to stay out of direct sunlight for 2-4 weeks before treatment so that your skin isn’t too sensitive to the light energy used for laser hair removal. It’s advised to stay out of the sun, even in the winter months, to prevent skin hyperpigmentation, scarring, and burning.

Shave 24-48 Hours Before: To guarantee the best results, it’s imperative to shave 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. Make sure to shave the areas you’re looking to treat, and you’ll achieve longer-lasting results.

Be Prepared to Commit to Frequent Treatments: Since all of your hair is not in the active growth stage at once, you’ll have to come back for treatments in between 6 to 8 weeks for an average of 5 to 7 sessions to achieve your desired results. 

Figure Out Your Preferred Package: At Toronto Laser Hair Removal, you can choose from a variety of laser hair removal packages. Try a single session or opt for a 3 or 5-session package for 10 to 20 percent off your purchase. 

During The Treatment

Men’s facial, body, and pubic hair can be coarse, thick, and difficult to remove. With alternative hair removal methods like sugaring, epilating, waxing, or shaving, ingrown hairs and irritation are common and can be painful. Other issues associated with at-home or other hair removal services include redness, burning, itching, scarring, and skin damage. If you’re tired of these types of issues, laser hair removal is ideal for you. At Toronto Laser Hair Removal, we offer various services for men, including manzilian, facial, and body laser hair removal. With years of first-hand experience and a team of dedicated professionals, you can feel confident about laser hair removal for men.


Right after your first laser hair removal treatment, it’s vital to wear loose clothing to allow the area to breathe and heal. To aid in allowing your skin to breathe, it’s recommended not to touch the area, exercise, swim, or use makeup in the treated area for at least 24 to 48 hours. It’s also essential to remember that there will be minimal discomfort after the first session, and it’s normal for the treated area to feel a warm sensation like a sunburn. After several sessions, the side effects will significantly lessen as your hair will be much thinner. At Toronto Laser Hair Removal, you can feel confident that we’ll effectively remove your hair with minimal pain.

Expert Laser Hair Removal for Men

Are you ready to give up on shaving, tweezing, and waxing? With laser hair removal services, you’ll be able to see and feel the difference even after your first session. It’s time to say goodbye to overspending on alternative hair removal methods and say hello to laser hair removal.


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