Tips to Free Yourself of Razor Burn Once & For All

Posted on 14 August 2023

permanent laser hair removal services

Permanent laser hair removal is an excellent treatment to rid yourself of unwanted hair and painful, time-consuming hair removal treatments. Men and women often find the laser hair removal cost is well worth it as they don’t need to worry about what they can wear or have any inhibitions about going to the beach, and they get to save time for hair removal in their regular routine. Before all laser hair removal treatments, you must shave 24 to 48 hours before the treatment; this is necessary for a safe and effective treatment. If you are not used to shaving or often get razor burn whenever you do shave, we will explore the different steps you can take to prevent razor burn. Toronto Laser Hair Removal is a laser clinic in Toronto that is a leader in the laser hair removal industry, offering the best in technology and highly trained certified technicians. 

Keep reading to learn tips to free yourself from razor burn once and for all. 


Tips to Prevent Razor Burn

Although it is exciting to get permanent laser hair removal, don’t be too quick to throw away your razor, you will need about 5 to 7 treatments to be completely free of unwanted hair, and in between your laser hair removal treatments and 24-48 hours before those treatments, you will need to shave. So if you are only used to waxing or always get razor burn when you shave, we have some tips to help you:

  • New Razor: Don’t use a blunt razor; make sure your razor is sharp and replaced often. Investing in a better quality razor will help it last longer. 
  • Wet Skin: Shave when the skin is wet and warm. It is a good idea to rinse the area with soap and warm water before shaving. 
  • Apply Cream: Never shave your skin directly; always apply a cream or gel first and then shave with it on. 
  • Rinse Razor: After buildup appears on your razor, ensure to rinse it off before continuing to shave. 

Laser Hair Removal Cost

It is good to know that razor burn will be short-lived in your life once you start laser hair removal treatments in Toronto. One of the main reasons people don’t complain about the laser hair removal cost is that the treatment adds so much convenience and ease to their lives. With laser hair removal, you remove unwanted hair, the painful side effects of shaving and waxing, and all the time you dedicate to regularly eliminating unwanted hair. Men and women would agree it’s a life-changing treatment. 

Laser Hair Removal Toronto for IGBeauty

IGBeauty is a skin and laser clinic dedicated to being on the cutting edge of the industry for the past 12 years. Offering Nd:YAG laser technology for darker skin tones, GentaleMaxpro, Alexandrite and Lumenis Lightsheer Duet for laser hair removal on different skin tones and hair colours. If you want to learn more about our laser hair removal services or our laser machines don’t hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our friendly knowledgeable experts. 


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