How to Prevent Hyperpigmentation During Laser Hair Removal

Posted on 26 May 2023

permanent laser hair removal

Permanent laser hair removal offers amazing benefits and completely improves your life by delivering ease and confidence into your regular routine. However, it’s essential to ensure you choose to have your laser hair removal performed by a professional to prevent any negative side effects or damage to the skin. Hyperpigmentation can occur after laser hair removal treatments if the technology is not suitable for your skin tone or the laser tech is not properly qualified. 

Working with a professional laser technician, like the Toronto Laser Hair Removal  team, equipped with advanced laser hair removal technology is worth the laser hair removal cost. Our technicians are experts in the laser hair removal industry. We are committed to always delivering the highest standards of service.

Keep reading to learn more about how to prevent hyperpigmentation during laser hair removal.

What is Permanent Laser Hair Removal?

Permanent laser hair removal is the process of using a laser to target pigment in the hair follicle. The pigment of the hair follicle absorbs the heat from the laser and damages the follicle so that hair is not able to grow anymore. 

It’s imperative to catch the hair during its growth phase. After about 5 to 7 sessions of laser hair removal, the hair will be permanently removed.

How to Avoid Hyperpigmentation with Laser Hair Removal

After assessing the benefits of laser hair removal, budgeting the laser hair removal costs, and educating yourself on pre- and post care protocols you are ready to get started with your treatments. As exciting as permanently removing unwanted hair is, you must take extra care to prevent hyperpigmentation from occurring. 

Here are some helpful tips to prevent hyperpigmentation with laser hair removal:

Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds 2 to 4 weeks before and after a laser treatment. Even if you have a laser treatment on your face during the winter, always try to wear a broad brimmed hat and use the highest SPF you can to protect your skin. Also, aim to have your laser treatments performed outside of the summer to reduce the risk of sun exposure. Or opt for brazilian laser hair removal and wear swim shorts to keep the sun from shining on your skin.

Make sure the laser machine being used on your skin has a wavelength that is safe for your skin type to avoid burns and hyperpigmentation. If you have darker skin, many laser machines can cause hyperpigmentation, the Nd:Yag 1064nm technology is offered by Toronto Laser Hair Removal and is safe for dark skin tones. 

Make sure your hair is shaved on the area to be treated before your appointment so you don’t risk burns or hyperpigmentation as the heat that was reserved for the hair follicle will be absorbed by the exposed hair and skin. 

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